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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is your Menu Halal?

A: The majority of our menu is currently Halal. Exceptions include our Duck Confit Pita which does not have a Hala certification and two of our desserts; the Tahini Trilogy and the Asha, both of which currently use gelatine

Q: Do you have vegan options? 

A: Absolutely! Most of our vegetarian menu items can be made vegan by request!

Q: Do you offer catering?

A: Currently we are not set up for onsite catering services but we can happily arrange large scale orders for pick up. 

Q: Do you have Gluten Free options

A: Yes! We have a gluten free menu for your convenience. It can be found in the menu section of our website and  in printed form at our restaurant. 

Q: Is your restaurant wheelchair accessible? 

A: We cannot properly refer to ourselves as "Accessible" but we are able to accommodate wheelchair access. Fairouz is in a heritage building, meaning that there are some aspects of the restaurant that are accessible but could certainly be more Accessible with a capital "A". There is a slight lip on the door of our side entrance, which can accommodate a wheelchair. It is not enough that a ramp is required but it is worth noting as you plan your visit. We have one washroom with a larger stall. This washroom is not currently equipped with a hand rail. As we are still using gendered washrooms onsite and this larger stall is located in our male washroom, a team member is always happy to ensure that this washroom is cleared for use of any persons who requires privacy in this area. 

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